Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This is a picture of my first grandchild, Annabelle, she was born March 24, 2005.


Jewels said...

She is beautiful! Just like her sweet precious mommy!

Mike said...

Hi! What a lovely picture! Many thanks for your comments on my blog about the allotment and garden.

In England for historical reasons land is made available for local people to rent for the growing of fruit and vegetables.

My Allotment costs me just over £20 a year in rent, and if I look after it it is mine as if I owned it (with some restrictions - I can't keep pigs, for instance!). Of course I spend a lot more than that on maintenance, seed, etc but it is still well worth while. (Especially as the land would be worth millions for building houses on. There are around 100 allotments in a prime development area. We sometimes worry about the council chucking us out but so far nothing has come of it.

All the best to you and your (growing) family.