Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

I have no idea what year this was. It was when we were living with my grandmother.  I believe this was 1964.  Our first Easter picture in color!

This is Easter 1963. 

This was Easter 1960, at my grandparents house.  I have on a white dress with red cherries ( I think they were cherries) and red shoes.  I remember going to the commisary at Republic Steel to buy these shoes.  I thought they were the prettiest shoes I had ever seen.  This is my sister Pam in the pictures with me.
This is me outside Dwight Baptist Church.  I was about 4 years old in this picture.  I guess I wasn't old enough for a hat yet.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!  Oh the memories this brings back!  I hope everyone spends time with family this weekend.