Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Annabelle's Dance Recital

Sunday, May 23rd was Annabelle's annual dance recital. Of course, she was the best one there and I am not one bit prejudice. This is her 3rd recital and she loves it! Below you see the one and only "Bee". She and 2 other girls danced while one of the older girls sang "Bare Necessities".

She was also in two other numbers--"Jailhouse Rock" and "Singing in the Rain". I loved both of those.

She takes dancing from Jaima Young Miller at Bella Prima in Birmingham, AL. The studio is located close to the Galleria.


cosby2 said...

She is so cute!!! And I know she ruled the recital...haha. She is such a little performer. We may go to NYC to watch her one day!