Friday, March 06, 2009

Annabelle and Lydia

I went to Birmingham on Wednesday night to spend the night with my sweet granddaughters.  I kept the youngest one, Lydia, on Thursday for Missy to work.  I loved it!  She is the sweetest baby.  She is no trouble at all.  Annabelle sang some new songs on Wednesday night.  I have added Teddy Bear and Mary Had a Little Lamb to the link on the left.  I may post a few more, she made up several songs.  She loves to sing into my iPhone.  If you listen you can hear a voice get very soft and then loud.  She watches the bars on the recorder go up and down as she changes her singing voice. At the end of her singing you can hear her say, "I want to hear it."


Tatersmama said...

Oh she sounds so sweet !
It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grandaughters... I'm envious!!