Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Ideas for Dinner?

Do you need new ideas for dinner at your house? I know I do. I cook the same things over and over. My First Kitchen is conducting a survey right now and she is giving away a set of My First Kitchen spices for free! She is trying to make food fun again. So give it a try!!!!!! She has wonderful recipes on her site also!!!!!


Tatersmama said...

I saw a thing on tv tonight, where older recipes are making a big comeback.
Meatloaf, burgers, stews, tuna noodle casserole... And I have to admit, just the thought of the (economical) foods that my mom used to cook, makes me nostalgic - and it makes my mouth water!

jennypilgrim said...

I agree with you. I cook burgers, stews all the time. Will have to post my recipe for Beef Stew!

cosby2 said...

Here in the south, we seem to mainly cook "comfort" foods. I think these are named that because they are foods that your mother and grandmother cooked and it brings back memories of those days when you eat it. I will check out the link to My First Kitchen. I'm always looking for recipes!